About Us

Crystal Apps is a group of professionals - programmers, developers, designers and artists. Products we create are unique and exclusive thanks to our great passion and enthusiasm. Things we start, we complete with precission and great attention to details.

Precious gem, before it reaches its desirable form, goes through the process of crystallization. The same process applies to newborn ideas. We are here to extract, crystallize and embed your idea into the finest product - a truly refined masterpiece.

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Our goals and values

Crystallizing ideas is our mission, which drives us through acomplishing great challanges, everyday.

Behind brilliant technology, stands brilliant brain. Human is the element responsible for forging ideas into final product. It's thanks to Crystal Apps team, that the great projects may exist.

COMPETENCE its a word that describes our enterprise. It manifests itself in the quality of our service and accurate approach to the client and his needs.

Our Business relations are based on CRYSTAL CLEAR rules of cooperation. We form strict schedules, goal lists and transparent system of insight and delivery.

Created innovative solutions have a positive impact on the development of the market of video games, applications and mobile games.

We forge brief plans into great success!

Our Projects

Dive into Virtual World with us!

Crystal Apps specialises in design and implementation of video games, mobile apps, and mobile games (Android and iOS).


Survival | Mobile

A truly unique survival game. Project developed for one of the top 10 Youtubers from Poland - CyberMarian. Download from Google Play and App Store.

Available on
Google Play

Available on
Apple Store


Action | Mobile

Fast-paced, brutal hack'n'slash game for adult Android and iOS users. A corporate worker is getting really mad. He takes the law into his own hands, and brings order to the hostile environment of office labirynth. Release planned for the end of 2019.

Retro Dab

Hyper Casual | Mobile

Light arcade game based on well known pop-culture elements.

Cosmic Hockey

Hyper Casual | Mobile

Original arcade game with smart and engaging mechanics. Cosmic Hockey finds it's roots in legendary Arcade machine - Air Hockey.

Miami Chase

Akction | Mobile

Our Hero has been set in an unusal situation. There is a bomb in his car, which clearly doesn't accept the "slow life" ideology. Live long enough to find a method to disarm the infernal device. You slow down - you die.

Lost in Dreams

Platformer | Mobilne

Beautifull, and colorfull mobile game, which is fruit of collaboration between Kentoo Games, and designers and head artist of Crystal Apps. Follow the god of dreams - Morpheus, and find your lost brother in the depths of the dream world.

HoMM3: Complete Rampage - Fighting mod for HoMM3

Mod | PC

A gift from players - to players. A tribute game for legendary "Heroes of might and magic 3". Game has been published and supported till this day, by modding group SkarWare, formed by memebers of Crystal Apps studio. Complete rampage has been highly rated and popular among the genre fans.

Our Solutions

The use of innovative technologies opens wide possibility for business growth and developement. Improve efficiency, and public image of your company.

Have you ever wondered:

  • how to focus the attention of your present, and future clients on your venture?
  • stand out on the market and outsmart your competition?
  • what unusual and innovative solution can you implement into your business?

If so, you've come to the right place.

Crystal Apps offers a number of technological solutions that will meet the needs of your enterprise.




Mobile apps


Augmented and Virtual Reality (AR/VR)


Interactive apps

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